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Package Mar 2018

Monitor Anytime Anywhere from Internet or Phone

No Hidden Cost, Without Yearly subscription

Remote Support, In-house Professional Cabling & Support Team


Full HD 1080P Camera Option Audio

Double Click for Video

User Friendly Mobile App Function

Live Preview from Mobile


Remote Playback

from Mobile


Function from Mobile


Package included:


  •   HDB, (Site Visit require for Private House, Retail Shops, Offices, Warehouse)
  •   HDB Internet Router and DVR Located in Living Room
  •   Cabling for Single Storey, Not more than 1100sq ft, ceiling high less than 3 meter
  •   One time Single trip installation 9am to 6pm (Monday – Friday)
  •   One Time Testing and Commissioning of System for Local Recording/Monitoring
  •   One Time Setup DVR and Router for Remote Monitoring Over Internet
  •   One Time Configuration of iPhone for remote access
  •   One Time Configuration of Notebook for remote access
  •   One Year Hardware Warranty (Onsite one to one replacement)
  •   Price not included Repair or Reset Router and Computer

Closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs) are often used in video surveillance systems to monitor its surroundings. In the beginning, CCTV systems needed constant monitoring, as information could not be recorded and stored. It was only in the 1900s that CCTV systems became more common due to the development of digital multiplexing, motion-only recording and time-lapse. Today, an estimated 65% of the 350 million surveillance cameras in the world are installed in Asia, a number that is expected to increase in the future. Here at ITI.SG, we offer a range of excellent CCTV packages for homes or businesses in Singapore, allowing them to have an additional form of security.


By installing the best CCTV cameras and systems outside your home or company, you can monitor any suspicious movements or use the footage as evidence. Both homes and businesses in Singapore can benefit from deterring criminal activities like robbery and anti-social behaviours such as littering and vandalism. Even if the offender is not deterred, the CCTV cameras will capture a footage of the events, serving as an indisputable and objective piece of evidence that can be re-examined as many times as needed.

Here at ITI.SG, we seek to give our customers in Singapore a peace of mind by offering them an extensive range of CCTV packages for sale. All our packages include cabling, a one-time single trip installation and other excellent benefits. With up to four 1080p cameras included in a package, customers can receive the level of protection they need for their security. The security footage captured can be viewed live on your mobile phone or viewed at a later timing as a playback. Our CCTV systems are compatible with Android, Apple and Windows devices, ensuring that customers can always use the system, even if they change their phones or notebooks.


Our CCTV packages that are available for sale are not only of the best value but are also sold at affordable prices. Unlike unscrupulous suppliers that charge exorbitant prices for their products, our prices are reasonably priced with no additional GST charged, allowing our customers to enjoy the best value for their money. As a trusted supplier of CCTV systems, we offer a one-year hardware warranty with a one to one replacement onsite should there be any issues. Apart from helping you configure your new CCTV system with your phone and notebook, we also handle matters like cabling and setup of the router.

If you would like to have more information about the CCTV packages we have for sale or would like to buy one, do contact us today! Existing customers experiencing any problems with the system or camera can contact our support team for assistance. Regardless of your objective, our sales and support team will be glad to answer your questions. Buy a CCTV package today, and protect your home and company.

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